Using Seasons To Inspire Kitchen Design

Does your kitchen need a seasonal boost? If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen design, you might benefit from using seasons of the year as your inspiration.

We all have a favourite season, so being able to capture that essence in your design can help create an environment that makes you think of sunny summers or cosy winters. So, what does each season look like?



What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “spring”? Firstly, you think about the colours, such as bright green fields and beautiful flowers, such as daffodils. Pastel colours are well suited to this season.

spring kitchen design

Capturing those bright and bold colours, in a subtle way, is one way to make your kitchen much more inviting. But you can also think about different shapes to inspire the design of units and interiors.

Flowers of this season come in a variety of shapes, with dandelions (for example) showing a lovely round, but soft, ball. This can be used to inspire lighting, furniture or even seating.



Possibly the most popular season among us Brits, summer inspires brighter and bolder colour. Blues can be used to represent clear skies and yellows/oranges to represent the beautiful sunshine.

summer kitchen design

With summer being the hottest month, we also tend to dress down as much as we can. You can also apply this idea to your kitchen, with a minimalist look and non-fabric, easily cleaned materials.

You can also be inspired by festival life, with a free flowing hippy style and unique accessories to make your kitchen one of a kind.



After a long and energetic summer, it’s time to wind down and relax a little. Colours such as reds and oranges not only reflect the autumn leaves, but evoke warm feelings.

autumn kitchen design

You can also choose materials, such as oak and pine, to reflect the exposed tree trunks left after the leaves have fallen. The browns of darker woods can also make you feel at home.

Soft, cosy furnishings are also a great way to reflect the season. Using luxurious materials and fabrics that feel wonderful to touch, but are hard wearing.



Although not the most popular of seasons, winter is a time of year that reminds us of darker nights, Christmas cheer and family get-togethers.

winter kitchen design

In terms of colour, you can lean more towards dark blues and whites, to represent frozen waters, dark nights and snow, or towards dark reds, golds and greens, to capture the essence of Christmas.

You can also be inspired by Christmas decor, making the kitchen more homely with soft furnishings and finishing touches such as candles or pot pourri.

Do you feel inspired? If you’d like to capture the essence of the seasons within your kitchen then look no further. Our kitchen design service puts you in the driver’s seat, so you get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Get in touch today.

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