Which Knife Should You Be Using?

If you’re revamping your kitchen, it’s only natural to invest in your utensils alongside appliances and kitchen units. For any home chef, a good set of knives is an essential. But for the uninitiated, the sheer number of knives to choose from can seem daunting. If you don’t know what each knife does, half of your set may well sit in the knife rack unused, turning a wise investment into a waste of money. Fortunately, you can soon get to grips with each type of knife and their uses with this quick guide. Then, you’ll be in a great place to grow that knife collection on your kitchen unit.

Kitchen Units

Get the Right Knife for Every Culinary Task

If you’re building a quality collection of kitchen knives, you’ll want to start with a Chef’s Knife. This multi-tasking knife is perfect for chopping, slicing and dicing all kinds of foods. And whilst there are dedicated knives for meat and veg, this knife is still a strong all-rounder.

A Paring Knife is another kitchen essential. Small but sharp, this knife is ideal for peeling, deseeding and slicing fruit. Its small size makes it easy to keep to hand to tackle even the finest fruits.

A happy medium between the Chef’s and Paring knife is the Utility Knife. A Utility Knife will help you tackle veg and herbs with ease, as its blade is slightly longer than the Paring Knife. These three knives are the core of a kitchen knife collection, and you will want to be sure to have them to hand on your kitchen units.

You can then expand your collection further to include a Bread Knife. The large, serrated blade allows you to slice through bread without squashing it. If you’re a fan of fresh loaves and baguettes, this is an essential.

Finally, there are a range of specialised meat knives to consider. A set of Steak Knives will help you tackle robust, meaty dishes. Meanwhile, a Fillet Knife will allow you to tackle finer fish dishes with the right tool to hand. With a long and thin Boning Knife, you can do the fine work of deboning without damaging the meat.


Create a Cook’s Dream Kitchen with Bussens

Beyond what we’ve touched upon here, there is a world of specialised kitchen knives out there to explore further. From Carving Sets and Cleavers for tackling large meat dishes, to the specialised Japanese Santoku Knife, and a range of dedicated Vegetable and Cheese knives. In each case, prioritise the knives that are best suited to your favourite recipes. Expand the collection of knives atop your kitchen units as your own repertoire of recipes grows.

Of course, to turn your kitchen into the perfect place for culinary experiments, you’ll need a lot more than just knives. If you’re looking to bring your dream kitchen design to life, Bussens can help. From our ornate Belgravia range, to the contemporary chic look of our Strada kitchens, we have the kitchen units and appliances on hand for every style of home. To find out more about our great range of kitchen units, get in touch with Bussens today.

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