The Top Contemporary Bathroom Designs to Consider

It’s impossible to overlook the functionality and practicality of the modern bathroom, but there is no reason why you should sacrifice aesthetics!  As a homeowner, you have countless design options at your disposal. This is excellent in terms of flexibility, however, we understand that it can be difficult to work out which configuration will work best in your room.  Let us take a look at a handful of suggestions which can provide you with some much-needed inspiration about the bathroom design options available to you.

A Splash of Metallic

Accents can make all of the difference when it comes to bespoke bathroom design. Taps, pipes and similar accessories should be used to accentuate the décor in your bathroom; and high-gloss metals such as brass and chrome are popular choices.  You can see some beautiful examples of metal accents in our Mildenhall Showroom!  Adding a splash of metallic is also ideal if you have a small bathroom space, reflecting light and helping to create a bright room.

Dark and Sumptuous

You might be surprised to learn that some bathroom design trends focus on the use of dark colours.  However, we are referring to an “accent area” in this case – not a dark suite and a whole room of black paint!  Many designers will cover a specific wall or section (such as a walk-in shower) with a darker hued paint or tile to break up the existing space, whilst providing a sense of depth at the same time.

The Organic Edge

Bathroom ideas in the past often centred around clean and sanitary materials, including tile, stone and metal.  Contemporary designers are now starting to incorporate another organic element – wood.  Some examples of wooden accents include reclaimed wooden rafters, rich crown mouldings and rustic shelving.  These bathroom design concepts revolve around the idea that bathroom environments should be slightly “soft” and welcoming.  Wood is a great way to add a down-to-earth personality to this room.

A Home-Based Oasis

Why not add a bit of life into what might be a neglected room in your home?  Modern bathrooms often incorporate plants within their overall design concepts, and for good reason!  Plants are a fantastic way to brighten up your bathroom, and many have the added benefit of smelling good too.  This can be a great benefit if you prefer not to use aerosols or other air fresheners.  From ivy and aloe to seasonal flowering plants, the only real limits involve your imagination!

Are you planning a renovation or have you simply grown tired of the look of your existing bathroom?  These are two of the many issues which can be addressed by the experts at Bussens and Parkins.  For more inspiration or a preliminary conversation around your choices contact us for a free consultation.

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