Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Sometimes, when you’re working with limited space, it can seem like you need to keep your ideas small. But that doesn’t have to be the case in the kitchen.

Whilst it’s true that not every kitchen will have room for an island or dining table, there are still ways to make a kitchen shine without open plan design. With some careful planning of your space, and a few visual tricks, you can create an airy small kitchen design that’s big on features and character.

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Create a Small Kitchen without Compromise

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or just refurbishing, there a few simple tricks you can use in your small kitchen design that will have an immediate effect.

Firstly, consider using light, neutral colours on your walls to make your kitchen feel brighter and airier. Leave windows clutter-free to maximise natural light. Meanwhile, consider a flush ceiling light rather than a hanging shade. Finally, incorporate a mirror into the room to create the illusion of more space.

Combine these tricks in your small kitchen design to ensure an open, fresh feeling. You’ll see amazing results before you even place your first appliance.

So, what about furniture and storage?

In a small kitchen, there will always be limits on worktop space. That’s why it’s a good idea to store things like knives and pans somewhere else.

Consider adding shelving onto walls for extra storage space. These are decorative as well as practical. Alternatively, opt for some pegs or hooks to hang things like pans, pots and large utensils.

Keeping things stored up high or on your walls removes the feeling of clutter from your worktop, allowing the entire room to feel cleaner and bigger.

But what about appliances?

Freestanding fridge freezers or range ovens can be way too big for a small kitchen. Often, you’ll be left with open space between your freestanding appliances and kitchen units. This can look unappealing whilst wasting space.

Instead, consider built-in appliances. These will be seamlessly integrated with the units, cabinets and cupboards in your kitchen, making use of every inch of space. Built-in appliances bring contemporary style and smart functionality to your kitchen, all whilst saving on space. The stove and worktop, microwave and oven, and refrigerator and cupboards form one integrated whole.

Bring built-in appliances into your kitchen design to create a finished space that feels great to use day by day for years to come.


Bussens: Bringing Big Ideas to Small Kitchen Designs

With built-in appliances, smart storage and a few decorative tricks, you can create a stunning small kitchen. As we’ve seen, a small kitchen design packed with features doesn’t have to be cluttered.

If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen an upgrade, work with Bussens. Visit our showroom to view our range of kitchen designs and for expert advice on creating stylish small kitchens.

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