Reducing Plastic Use in The Kitchen

The modern kitchen contains a host of gadgets and technological innovations that would have been unimaginable in the past. While such advancements have made cooking and cleaning a cinch, we also need to remember that some materials can pose significant risks to the environment. Plastic waste is perhaps the most serious example, as it is estimated that up to 90% of all kitchen plastic is never recycled. If allowed to return to the environment, plastic can severely damage ecosystems for decades into the future. Let us take a look at how to reduce the amount of plastic that is found within your kitchen in order to embrace a more environmentally friendly approach.


Reduce Your Use of Plastic Shopping Bags

Millions of plastic shopping bags are discarded on a daily basis. Not only will these bags require a very long time to degrade, but they can easily pollute sensitive ecosystems such as nearby lakes and rivers. This is why it is wise to reuse such bags when heading off to the grocery store. Designate one drawer within your kitchen to store excess bags. Although this method might not allow you to become completely plastic free, there is no doubt that it can help to cut back on extraneous waste.


Reduce Plastic Use in the Modern Kitchen - Bussens


Storing Foods

Most modern kitchens are equipped with a host of unique ways to store your food. This is why it is slightly ironic that many individuals still employ outdated methods such as common freezer bags. The main issue here is that these normally represent one-time options; the bags usually being discarded after a single use. It is much better to employ heavy-duty plastic containers. These can be used indefinitely and they are also much more efficient ways to keep food fresh until it is consumed in the future.


The Beauty of Glass

While contemporary kitchen design will often embrace a minimalist approach, a bit of tradition is always welcome. This is why glass storage jars are now becoming prominent features in modern kitchens. Not only will these receptacles add a decidedly organic flavour, but they also serve a very functional purpose. They can be used to store jam and other perishables for weeks or even months at a time.


Modern Kitchen Storage Solutions - Glass Cupboard Storage Jars - Bussens


Purchase Foods in Bulk

Buying your food in bulk will help to cut down on the amount of packaging that eventually finds its way into the bin. Once again, this will enable you to adopt a more eco-friendly approach within your modern kitchen. Let’s also remember that bulk purchases equate to fewer trips to the store and therefore, a lower consumption of fossil fuels.

The concept of a zero waste kitchen has existed for decades. However, the importance of such an approach is now becoming clear as we begin to understand the impact that plastic can have upon the environment. All of these suggestions are easy to implement and you will be amazed with how much can be achieved within a short period of time.

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