Genius Master Bedroom Ideas

Whilst we tend to think of kitchens and living rooms as the heart of the home, a master bedroom also plays an important part. The master bedroom is a place to retreat and unwind, regardless of its size. Plan your master bedroom right, and it will be a space you’ll love to be. Regardless of the bedroom ideas you plan to draw on, you should first consider the space that you are working with. With good planning, the size and unique quirks of your master bedroom can become its virtues.

Master Bedroom - Bedroom Ideas

Tailoring Your Master Bedroom Design

No matter what space you’re working with, a bed is the central feature of any master bedroom. Almost all master bedroom designs place the bed centrally in the room. With this in place, you can begin to build up your design around it, leaving space around the centre.

There are many ways to approach storage in a master bedroom. Larger spaces can include long standing cupboards and cabinets, or incorporate a walk-in wardrobe. Smaller rooms on the other hand could incorporate sleek under-bed storage.

When it comes to colour, one growing trend for 2021 is the increasing use of lighter colours. Many people spent much of last year at home, and this has led to a new appreciation for calming, comforting colours. Soothing pale and pastel colours are in, whilst classic staples like white and beige remain as popular as ever.

These tones will keep any bedroom light. But, that doesn’t mean a master bedroom can’t benefit from a grand touch such as a chandelier above the bed. With the room created using smart storage, even the smallest master bedrooms can create an impressive sense of open space, and allow room for unique, stylish fittings.


Inspiring Bedroom Ideas from Bussens

No matter the shape of your room, there are furnishings and furniture out there to create a sophisticated storage space out of every awkward corner and wall. The smarter your storage is, the more open space you’ll create in the room. Fitted bedroom furniture, combined with good planning and light colours, will turn your master bedroom into an open, breathable space. The bedroom will both wow with its first impression, and remain a relaxing place to unwind for years to come.

With the help of the team at Bussens, you can realise the full potential of your master bedroom plans. Bussens have over 40 years of experience serving Suffolk with the best in fitted furniture. A visit to our showroom in Mildenhall is sure to inspire your bedroom ideas. Meanwhile, the team’s expert advice will help you find the right bedroom furniture, and guide you through supply and fitting. Alternatively, get in touch with our bedroom design service by phone today to create your dream bedroom.

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