Five Bedroom Office Ideas

As more people are working from home at the moment, one of the popular concepts taking hold is the bedroom office. By combining your home office with your bedroom, you have everything you need to work and rest within a few steps of each other. While creating a home office in your bedroom requires some creative uses of space, there are several useful bedroom office ideas that can help make this a reality. Here are five of our favourite bedroom office ideas.

Bedroom Office Ideas


1. Master Bedroom Office

For those who have plenty of space in their bedroom, adding a full desk or workstation is a breeze. The one thing to consider, however, is where best to put it. Placing your desk along an open wall or near a window is a great idea, especially at times when you need to move your focus from your work and relax your eyes. Make sure you choose a desk that achieves the right balance between being large enough for work and storage, while still allowing sufficient space to easily move around the room.


2. Small Bedroom Office

While smaller bedrooms will be more limited on space, there are smart ways to make bedroom office ideas work! For example, you can easily swap out a nightstand or side table with a desk. This will allow you to have a functional workspace during the day while acting as a nightstand after hours. Ensure you have an adequate reading light set up so you can adjust the light between your desk and your bed as needed.


3. Guest Room Office

Unless you have visitors and guests staying regularly, then an empty guest room is perfect for creating a bedroom office. You can always try setting up your guest room office with a standard bed and desk combination. However, another option is to replace the bed with a sofa bed for even more practical space. This option will allow you to have a fully functional office, which you can easily convert into a guest bedroom when needed.


4. Daybed Office

If space is really tight, you can consider replacing a standard bed with a daybed. A daybed will take up much less room, allowing you to fit more office furniture in without feeling cramped. In turn, your daybed will allow you a place to relax and recharge during work hours and is available as a bed for any guests.


5. Children’s Bedroom Office

Our bedroom office ideas are not just for adults: children and teenagers can make use of them too. Children don’t often need a huge workspace, so you can easily put a small desk in the corner that can double as a study desk and a nightstand. For teenagers, why not try a top bunk bed with space underneath for a study area? This helps utilise as much space as possible while also looking quite trendy.


Bedroom Inspiration from Bussens

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