5 Reasons to Choose Oak in the Kitchen

Nowadays, there are plenty of stone or composite materials to choose from for your kitchen worktop. But, many homeowners up and down the country are still opting for wooden kitchen worktops. Oak is as popular for use in kitchen as it is in all other kinds of furniture. Although many people might associate wooden furniture with traditional designs, oak continues to appear in all kinds of modern kitchens. So, what properties make wooden worktops so popular still, and what are the benefits of working with oak?

Wooden Kitchen Worktop

The Benefits of Oak Worktops

You may think stone is your only option for a strong worktop, but oak is also famous for its strength. The strength and durability of an oak worktop will easily compete with granite. It will weather all kinds of bumps and scratches, and unlike other worktop options, a wooden kitchen worktop is easy to repair. Oak can be re-filled, sanded, polished and re-sealed with ease.

When it comes to appearance, the unique grain of every oak worktop gives your kitchen a unique character. Wooden kitchen worktops are a versatile match for all kinds of home styles, from traditional to modern kitchen designs. In addition, over time the oak worktop will gain character as it ages, as the wood’s natural colour gets deeper. The colours of oak could be the perfect contrast to bring out the character of your kitchen.

Oak worktops are also easy to keep clean. Installers will seal the wood during fitting to prevent water or stains seeping into the oak. As well as this, the wood is a hygienic surface for all kinds of cooking thanks to its antibacterial properties. Wooden worktops will also absorb sound, making them much quieter than other materials when you’re chopping ingredients or placing things onto the worktop.

The benefits of wood may well convince you too keep an eye out for oak, next time you’re browsing kitchens for sale.


Bespoke Wooden Kitchens from Bussens

Another great advantage of oak wood comes through during installation. Wood is much easier to fit and shape to the requirements of your kitchen. There’s no need for shaping to be done off-site. Oak and wood materials are a great choice for anyone after bespoke worktops.

This goes hand in hand with the price. Oak is one of the most abundant woods in the UK, and popular in all kinds of furniture. Oak is often sourced from forests that are managed with sustainability in mind; all this, while remaining cheaper than other types of wood, and quarried stone.

For over 40 years, Bussens have been bringing bespoke kitchens to life across Suffolk. With an inspiring showroom, and full consultation and design service, we can help you realise your dream wooden kitchen. To find the perfect oak units for your home, visit our website or contact us today.

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