11 Smart Kitchen Ideas

Over the last decade, smart devices have changed the way we communicate. Perhaps it’s about time this kind of tech changed the way we cook. Fortunately, top appliance brands like Neff are bringing smart technology into the kitchen. From hobs and hoods, to ovens and freezers, Neff’s smart technology makes cooking more intuitive.

But how do these bold ideas translate into the home? Here are eleven smart kitchen ideas that will fit effortlessly into any modern kitchen.


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Create a Kitchen that Works Around You

1. Firstly, HomeConnect is Neff’s system that connects all your kitchen appliances to your smartphone. HomeConnect brings all your appliances together in one place, keeping everything at your fingertips.

2. So, with your kitchen on your phone, you have full remote control over your appliances wherever you are. You can preheat the oven remotely, or even get a notification when dinners ready.

3. A smart Neff oven may be big on tech, but that doesn’t get in the way of simple practicality. Mount your oven at an accessible height and get easy access with a sliding door and extending rails.

4. Eager to cook large meals for friends? With features like CircoTherm, it’s easier than ever to cook lots of different things at once. By controlling airflow, a Neff oven can stop unwanted flavours mingling.

5. After CircoTherm has helped you cook a stunning three-course meal, let smart technology notify you and everyone else. Smart tech takes away the hassle of cooking so you can spend more time having fun.

6. If you’re tired of being restricted by the slow rings of your old hob, why not combine your smart oven with a truly game-changing Neff hob. A simple twist pad gives you greater control over the heat, whilst some models do away with rings all together and give you an entire heated zone to work from.

7. For those who prefer to cook with gas, there’s plenty of innovation too. A smart gas hob offers you more control over the flame, as well as digital feedback on the heat.

8. Fumes are no trouble either if you have a smart fully automatic hood. A Neff hood will activate on its own thanks to its Air Sensor.

9. Meanwhile, customisable ambient lights over the hob let you pick from all kinds of hues. Create an inspiring atmosphere to match the menu.

10. Smart technology isn’t just about making cooking easier, it also helps keep things cool. Investing in a smart refrigerator will make changing the fridge temperature simple; you can even control humidity with a simple slider.

11. Finally, are you tired of defrosting the freezer? Fortunately, there are plenty of smart fridge-freezers out there that take care of defrosting for you, giving you a bit more me-time.


Upgrade to a Smart Kitchen with Bussens

A Neff oven gives you the control you need to cook recipes to perfection. Smart technology eliminates the hassle of cooking, giving you time to nail that next fancy sauce, or just sit back and relax.

Bussens can help you bring stunning Neff products into your home, alongside other top Smart Kitchen brands. To view our full range of kitchen designs and appliances, visit our showroom today.

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