Men Use The Bathroom To ‘Escape’

We all know that men have a habit of disappearing every now and then, we also know them to spend a lot of time on the toilet. But there’s more to it than that…

A recent study of 1,000 British men has revealed that they spend a total of 7 hours each year in the bathroom, specifically to get some “peace and quiet” away from loved ones.

Main reasons to ‘escape’ included avoiding nagging partners, chores, noisy children and to play on their mobile phones. Although it may seem trivial or funny, there’s a much deeper meaning behind why men are doing this.


The Impact on Mental Health

When asked further questions, 25% of men stated that spouses were not understanding of how hectic their lives were. Another 25% also revealed that they wouldn’t “know how they’d cope” without these breaks.

men mental health

Although mainstream media are now more open about this topic, mental illness in men is still very much taboo and unspoken of. Studies by the Mental Health Foundation shows that 2 in 3 men in the UK felt so stressed they felt “overwhelmed” or “unable to cope”.

But what can we do to make life a little better for them? How can we ensure they don’t feel overwhelmed or anxious.


Using Your Bathroom as a ‘Safe Place’

We may not be able to take away all the responsibilities of life, but we can make their short breaks away a little more bearable by creating a welcome space for them.

Knowing they they wish to play on their phones, it may be worth considering some fun reading materials instead. Bathroom related books such as “Things To Do While You Poo” are a fun way to distract yourself from life, without staring into a screen.

do not disturb sign

You can also invest in a “Do Not Disturb” sign, where the rule is to leave well alone when the sign is present (a rule for both adults and children). It’s a great way to indicate to your spouse that you’re overwhelmed and need some space.

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